About Me

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As a seasoned technology leader with three decades of experience in the industry, I have led and grown multidisciplinary technology organizations up to 400+ headcount with US$50MM budget on $680MM revenue. I have recruited and managed directs up to business unit CTOs, and built strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders across multiple countries and continents.

My core competencies include online, e-commerce and organizational strategy. I have delivered multiple successful e-commerce and web projects in various domains and markets. My mission is to connect technology and the technical organization to the business to transparently drive value and growth, and to help companies navigate scaling challenges.



Scaling is a challenge for successful companies trying to break out to the next level of growth. One of my key concerns is aligning the technology organization with the business and eliminating the sense that the two operate separately, and to maintain alignment by building an agile organization capable of evolving in lockstep with the business. I have worked at all scales in the industry, from startup to global corporations, and recognize that each level requires the appropriate blend of structure and discipline, a sweet spot between anarchy and bureaucrary (either of which is crippling at the wrong scale).

My approach is rapid rehabilitation of the technology landscape and the organization, followed by leapfrogging ahead to bleeding edge modernization. It’s not simply about catching up. It’s about pulling ahead to be an industry leader.



My career started in highly distributed networking and applications and evolved into Internet and web technologies. I bring a strong grasp of fundamentals in computer science and the design and construction of software applications. I’ve worked at various levels, from low level protocols to sophisticated end user applications.

I have hands-on experience at all levels of the web stack in multiple technologies, from the bits in the database to the pixels on the screen. In fact, I created this website from scratch on Amazon Web Services and did all the devops and design work. Most recently I’ve developed a strong interest in pragmatic application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to real world problems and sifting through hype to real value.

While that hands-on experience is invaluable to informing decisions and providing effective guidance in technical leadership roles, a true leader is the rising tide and not the biggest boat. Recruiting, retaining, delegation and succession planning are critical to successfully building high performing organizations.



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Amazing Experience

Brad was instrumental in laying the foundation for a testing and diagnostic system that is still in use within Sprint today (going on ten years). Brad has a firm grasp on design principals and detailed knowledge of how to implement designs in a scalable fashion. He is a senior level developer with a broad range of knowledge across many disciplines, platforms, and programming languages. I would recommend Brad for any senior level programming position.