Brad Shapcott


About Me

As a seasoned technology leader, I have led and grown multidisciplinary technology organizations up to 400+ headcount with US$50MM budget on $680MM revenue. I have recruited and managed directs up to business unit CTOs, and built strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders across multiple countries and continents, and been involved in the integration of numerous acquisitions.

My core competencies include online, e-commerce and organizational strategy. I have delivered multiple successful e-commerce and web projects in various domains and markets. My mission is to connect technology and the technical organization to the business to transparently drive value and growth, and to help companies navigate scaling challenges.

Currently I am shifting my career focus to revolutionary applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I have hands-on experience applying ML and AI to real world problems and have lead organizations for which ML & AI was a key component.

I am seeking new leadership opportunities as a technology executive to leverage my expertise and experience to create innovative and scalable solutions that drive business growth. +1 (604) 657-6639